Montevarchi Casale in Vendita rif: 811013

Casale panoramico del 1200 con chiesa privata, parco e terreni.

According to some scholars, the name of the ancient locality of PietraVersa should derive from the Latin "Pietra Avulsa", which means "Rock Staccata “, but in some parish documents of the Ginestra, it is written Pietra Celsa or Pietra excelsa, a locality that detaches, which rises upwards. This name in fact suits it and it could be traced back to the sedimentary area of ​​an ancient Pliocene lake. The historian Repetti, claims that Pietraversa was a medieval rural agglomeration . Today we know that a real castle was affected. This is demonstrated by the remains of the ancient city walls found during excavations. The most ancient testimony of the castle We find it in a document of the Emperor Henry VI of Swabia, ( Svevia) dated 1191, with which the ownership of the property was confirmed to Count Guido Guerra the Elder. The concession was renewed by Federico II in Sutri on 30 November 1220, with the diploma made out to Count Ruggero de Guidi. In 1336 the community of Pietraversa decided to join the Florentine Republic on 5 December of the same year. "Ghezzo di Cosa" Attorney of the Municipality of Pietraversa, gave the Castle to the Notary Ser Piero, who received it in the name of Florence. According to the historian Emanuele Repeti, the people of Ginestra and Pietraversa numbered 150 people in 1551, 108 in 1745 and 337 in 1839. In the ancient castle there was already in 1200, an ancient parish church, called Santa Croce, dependent on the Parish of Gallatrona. the” Ecclesia S. Crucis de Pietraversa” is mentioned in the "Relationes Decimarum" of 1304, when it paid one lira of "decima" to support the expenses incurred by Pope Bonifacio VIII, who was trying to reconquer Sicily to the Angevins. wedged under the portico of the chapel, there is still the stone plaque with the uncial characters: AD MCCCXXV DIE T (EM) P (O) R (E) P (REPS) B (I) T (E) R (I) IOHANNIS: in the year of the Lord 1325 at the time of the Priest John. This stone symbolizes that the church of Pietraversa was restored at the expense of the "Rector" Giovanni. From the time it was called the parish of Santa Croce and Ginestra. To remember the ancient castle remains the small church with adjoining house as you can read on the semicircular plaque, placed by Don Francesco Gambini in 1908.
  • Metri quadrati: 350
  • Numero camere: 4
  • Numero servizi: 4
  • Dettagli
    Comune Montevarchi ( Arezzo )
    Zona SanTomme'- Noferi
    Regione Toscana Italia
    Tipo: Residenziale
    Immobile: Casale
    Contratto: Vendita
    Stato: abitabile
    Anno costruzione: 1200
    Classe enegregica: A4
    IPE: Kwh/mq
  • Interni
    Mq: 350
    Piano: su più livelli
    Totale piani edificio:
    Locali: 6
    Camere: 4
    Servizi: 4
    Cucina: abitabile
    Terrazzi: 1
    Balconi: 2
    Arredato: 1
  • Esterni
    Ascensore: 0
    Giardino: sì mq 5000 Privato
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